Innovation and monopolies in data storage

I’m working with my team to build a company in a very mature market. It has been around for a long time, more than 50 years. It’s a market that’s more than 100 billion $ / years. I constantly challenge myself to understand the consequences of this choice.

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TechUnplugged – Storage afterthoughts

It has been a long time since I published something on my blog. Since then my first child was born, I changed my job profile, I traveled a lot so it might be understandable but not excusable. I work full time now on building a small european storage company. This is quite an unusual story in a mature market of over 100 billion euros each year where all the companies come from US. But that’s why it’s so fun. Read More

A dive into filesystems – ZFS – part 1

I’m starting a series of posts about ZFS. I will try to provide as much as possible architectural diagrams and code examples. The series is for people wanting to learn more about general filesystem architecture, especially about ZFS.

I will restrict myself for now to the implementation and architecture on Solaris. The code examples will be from Illumos, the open source fork of OpenSolaris.

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Having some fun with Prolog

It’s been a while since I wrote anything here, but now that my reading activities expanded again since I got my new Kindle I guess it’s time to share again.

I started looking over 7 Languages in 7 seven weeks by Bruce A. Tate. It’s a book presenting 7 different programming languages starting from their typing model, their programming model (OO, functional, procedural or some hybrid) to what are the core unique features of the language that make it so special. It’s a very well structured book that will enlighten the way you look and approach the learning of a new programming language. I highly recommend it.

One of the languages presented here is Prolog. I remember studying Prolog in university but to be honest it didn’t really got my attention back then. Read More

Vmwarephp – vSphere Api bindings for PHP

I finally managed to get my first open source project out in the wild. Vmwarephp is a library that provides PHP bindings to the vSphere API. This is the official page of the project describing installation and basic usage.

This project was born while I was working for the Vmware integration of Syneto Storage OS. What we needed was a way to interrogate the Vsphere API in PHP since most of our web management application within Storage OS was written in PHP. Read More

The Passionate Programmer

This year, Black Friday came at my company with a shopping spree from the Pragmatic Programmers bookshelf. One of the books we bought (my choice) was the Passionate Programmer from Chad Fowler. It was on my reading backlog for quite a while so this was a great opportunity.

I first heard about Chad Fowler when I browsed through the ‘following’ section of one of my friends twitter account. This guy was following a lot of really bright people in the software world so I grabbed as much as I could from his list. But if you dive into the Ruby or Ruby on Rails world there is absolutely no way you would not encounter the amazing work Chad has done in this area. And not only here.

The Passionate Programmer is a book about career development, about how to introspect and adapt your skills to create a remarkable career as a software developer. It falls into the same category as Uncle Bob Martin’s The Clean Coder, but it is a little bit less technical I would say. What Chad tries to do is it to make us developers and not only, to realize that we need to open our minds, to get out of our comfort zone. In today’s world being good at geeky coding stuff just doesn’t cut it anymore. We have to broaden our horizons. Read More

Meeting Uncle Bob …

The more I read, the more I acquire, the more certain I am that I know nothing. – Voltaire

Three years ago I started reading every single book I could get my hands on, and since then it was a continuos race. Now I have a very strange feeling that when I’m not reading a book, or a blog, or some programming tips I’m somehow wasting really precious time.

One of the authors that really influenced my way of thinking and my approach to programming was Robert Martin. Soon as I finished reading his latest book there was only one thought in my mind: I must meet this man. So I started putting money aside and after 6-7 months I bought a ticket for his Advanced TDD course in London. Read More

CQRS, Domain Events and DDD review

As I promised in my first post, I will talk about the experience I had last year in London, when I attended Greg Young’s CQRS, Domain Event and DDD course. I don’t know how many of you guys know Greg, but if you don’t you should really get familiar with his work. He is a really fascinating guy, definitely one of the smartest persons I ever had the privilege to meet.

Many of you probably heard about Bertrand Meyer’s CQS (command query separation). I consider CQS to be something that should be applied instinctively by every developer out there. Well, this principle is taken and applied at an architectural level. Fascinating idea, but what does that really mean ?  Read More

So it starts …

Ok, so i decided that the time has come for me to start sharing some of my thoughts. Wanted to start this blog sooner but never took the time to handle all this preparation phase. Really don’t like setting up environments too much. After two and a half years of intense software development I think i might have some interesting stuff to say. So, be prepared i’m going on a writing frenzy, at least for now. The next article i think will be about my London DDD experience.
See you soon.